"...Vittorio Benaglia provided the perfect introduction with the first movement from Rebecca Clarke's Viola Sonata, an interpretation that is as gripping, energetic as it is lyrical. It is admirable how Vittorio Benaglia let his instrument sing in the middle section and repeatedly gave the impressionistic sounds a floating magic... "  


"The interpretation of Vittorio Benaglia is magnificent, he knows how to draw unique sound and timbre capacities from the viola, creating new and magical sounds, almost attributable to human voice. "  

Alberto Cima - Rivista MUSICA

"...Vittorio Benaglia demonstrates in this album not only a complete virtuosity and mastery of the instrument, but also a deep understanding of each work which, thanks to the warm and enveloping sound of the instrument, manages to evoke distant landscapes and feelings."  


"...the young violist Vittorio Benaglia is admirable both in his sound and skill, and in his interpretative maturity. He overcomes technical difficulties with the same crystalline purity with which he knows how to relax in the singability of melodies. His bow movement is elastic and safe, the vibrato is beautiful, the intonation is clear. His interpretations are chiselled, with admirable stylistic results, in a golden musicality. The phrasing is of luminous intensity. The dynamic range is wide and free from harshness..." 

Rivista MUSICA

Masterclass di viola - dal 2 al 6 settembre

Vittorio is now a Pirastro Artist!